Sold properties prices in Downtown Dubai

Sales transaction statistics are among the important variables to be considered in Dubai real estate market. This functionality will allow you to recognize sales transactions on a regular, monthly, quarterly , and annual basis.

We provide unmatched services by utilizing the latest technologies and techniques to give you the track and record of sold properties in Downtown Dubai. Our data below provides accurate information about various types of transactions whether it is a villa, a land or an apartment. This also reveals transactions involving what payment plan was used and the ratio between off-plan to ready property type.


Latest transactions in Downtown Dubai

Burj KhalifaLofts T WestApartment 874 SqftAED 1,490,000AED 1,706Sale17-JUN-24Ready
Burj KhalifaBlvd Crescent Tower 2Apartment 928 SqftAED 2,016,888AED 2,174Mortgage17-JUN-24Ready
Burj KhalifaKamoon 1Apartment 951 SqftAED 1,850,000AED 1,945Sale14-JUN-24Ready
Burj KhalifaBd Standpoint AApartment 827 SqftAED 925,000AED 1,118Mortgage14-JUN-24Ready
Burj KhalifaForte T1Apartment 1,108 SqftAED 2,550,000AED 2,301Sale14-JUN-24Ready
Burj KhalifaKamoon 1Apartment 1,874 SqftAED 2,725,000AED 1,454Sale14-JUN-24Ready
Burj KhalifaBurj Views Tower BApartment 1,362 SqftAED 1,590,000AED 1,167Mortgage14-JUN-24Ready
Burj KhalifaResidences_W3Apartment 2,082 SqftAED 5,500,000AED 2,642Sale14-JUN-24Ready
Burj KhalifaForte T1Apartment 1,568 SqftAED 5,000,000AED 3,189Sale14-JUN-24Ready
Burj KhalifaAddress Fountain Views Residences - Tower 1Apartment 840 SqftAED 3,000,000AED 3,572Sale14-JUN-24Ready
Burj KhalifaForte T1Apartment 1,108 SqftAED 1,873,242AED 1,690Mortgage14-JUN-24Ready
Burj KhalifaGrandeApartment 1,865 SqftAED 6,000,000AED 3,216Sale13-JUN-24Ready
Burj Khalifa8 Blvd WalkApartment 1,530 SqftAED 1,997,500AED 1,306Mortgage13-JUN-24Ready
Burj KhalifaResidences_W3Apartment 1,046 SqftAED 1,611,200AED 1,540Mortgage13-JUN-24Ready
Burj KhalifaSouth Ridge 1Apartment 2,102 SqftAED 3,760,000AED 1,789Mortgage13-JUN-24Ready

Downtown Dubai yearly sales performance summary 2023 v.s. 2024

  • 2,440  AED
    Median price per Sq.ft
    15.37% YoY
  • 4,525 transactions
    Sales volume
    3.69% YoY

Property price over time (per sqft) in Downtown Dubai